Who is Rise Innovations?

We’re a student-run advertising agency made up of freshmen through seniors and Butler University.  We study public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism, communication, digital illustration, political science, and more.  We’re anxious to help you Rise.

Why use Rise Innovations?

There are many reasons to work with an advertising agency, but there are even more reason to work with Rise Innovations.

Whatever your needs may be, we have an answer.  Maybe you don’t know what you need.  We can help you figure that out.

We develop customized goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to help you grow and maintain that success.

Why trust student work?

The majority of our staff has worked in real client situations previously through internships or student organization events.

We may not have five, ten, or twenty years of experience, but we make up for it in our passion.  Some of our staff members are months away from graduation.  The work we do here serves as credentials for our futures.  Any and all work completed as if our professional careers depended on it.

Some say we’re young.  We know we’re the future.