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What School Doesn’t Teach You

It was strange the other day-I was getting ready to schedule for my senior year of classes, and my advisor asked me, “How have the classes been?  Is there anything you think we should include in the curriculum that we haven’t to better prepare you for life after college?”

Hmmmm?  Sometime I answer questions before thinking about them, so at the time my response was, “Nope, the curriculum is great-can’t think of anything else I’ll need.”

However, in the last few weeks, as I and a dedicated group of others have been trying to organize everything for Rise to begin working efficiently, I have come to realize that a lot of questions have not been answered.  I’ve had tons of questions and even insecurities.

But perhaps the most important answer I’ve found is that one can never stop learning.  Sure, there may be tasks I’ve never handled before, but every problem has a solution.  As cliché as it may sound, my dad was always taught me that it’s acceptable to make mistakes as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice.  Each time you have to take on this problem, you will get better at solving it.

Four years ago, I remember professors and administrators stressing the importance of finding and using mentors during you’re here.  As a thickheaded freshman who believed he knew everything already, I may have shrugged this advice off until junior year.  After a major switch and developing a true passion for my work, I began to take this advice more seriously.  Most of my professors have or still work in the advertising industry.  Their countless experiences and run-ins with clients serve as teaching points for their students.  So today my thick head may be a bit softer because I stand corrected, and have two individuals in particular that have helped me grow.

As previously mentioned, there will always be new problems and challenges, but one can never stop absorbing the limitless knowledge surrounding him or her.

So to answer my advisor’s question: at college, I have not learned to….  Well the list would be too long, and I’m sure I’d run into more and more along the way.

However, I’m confident in myself and Rise that no matter what the challenge, we will conquer it.  We’re surrounded with some very helpful, knowledgeable people at Butler and even in Indianapolis.  We are lucky enough to live in the era we do.  Being young, motivated, and assisted with all sorts of technology, we cannot stop learning.

-Ryan Pylipow


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