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A Balance Between Brand and Image

With the changing economy and in effect the publics changing priorities companies have had to make changes of their own.  Through this may have developed entirely new campaigns that included increased advertising, specifically in TV.  For many change can be a good thing and increase the publics interest to purchase but in some cases change can draw the audience away from what they are accustomed to in their products.  For me recent changes from companies like Old Navy have been a change for the worse, especially since they had such great branding from their previous commercials.  Here is a look at a new commercial that features their ‘Supermodelquins’.  I find them cheesy and distracting from the brand and the product.  Although they emphasis the product throughout the commercials and use good visuals I find myself looking for a more familiar commercial from previous years with Old Navy.

Another company that has seen change and been bought out is Steak and Shake.  Most of us know their TV commercial style very well and they have created a brand that is familiar to almost anyone, but very recently they started a new campaign that goes beyond advertising and into the store, even into the kid placemats which include their idea of the steak and shake hat.  Here is a new commercial from them:

So you decide, what the benefit and disadvantages of revamping your brand and creating a new campaign when your company and the economy are struggling?  Is change good when it comes to possibly hurting your brand image?  Let me know what you think!

-Tara Doerzbacher


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